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You, Your Dog And The Great Outdoors!

Hello fellow dog lovers! I hope you are doing well! Now that parks are opening up across Canada I imagine many of you are eager to get camping ⛺️ or at least hiking! 🥾
Of course a lot of you will want to bring your dog 🐶 along! I thought I’d share some tips I’ve gathered to make that trip more safe and enjoyable.
Food: If you feed your dog kibble then food should be easy as long as it’s in a secure container. If you normally feed raw food, freezer space or cooler space could pose an issue. Consider freeze dried raw food such as which doesn’t need refrigeration and can be rehydrated with water. Collapsible bowls are also handy especially if hiking.
Water: A water bottle with a built is "dish" is easy to carry while keeping your pet hydrated.
First Aid Kit: You’ll probably have a human kit packed which should suffice for the most part. It would be a good idea to include a muzzle,(as all dogs can bite when scared), and the phone number of the nearest vet.
Mosquitos and flies: There are plenty of bug repellents specifically formulated for pets. I like Paw-Fu by Ingenuity Wellness
Ticks: Ticks are nasty little bugs that hang out on tall grass and such waiting for an unsuspecting victim to come along. It’s a good practice to check for ticks after each walk. Removal can be tricky and there are different methods. I do have small tick removers in stock here: Barneyandbella
You can learn more from Tick Awareness Canada here: https://www.tickawarenesscanada.com/
Dog Bedding: Dog bedding is optional if your dog sleeps with you or is happier lying on the ground. However, if you have a more senior dog, ( or a princess), you might want to bring a dog bed. It should be washable and at least have a bottom that can be wiped clean. If you would prefer a portable bed designed for camping check out Spruce Pup
Hiking with poochie: Depending on the type of dog and training they have you may not need much other than water on a hike. It is a good idea to have a sturdy leash that can stand up to brambles and rocks. Nylon or climbing rope types work well. The Long paws line or Ruffwear line are good choices. If you have a smaller dog that can’t hike long distances, you can carry them in a pack. K9 Sport Sack Is one of my favourites, however they are many carrier/sling options you can find in this article by Your Dog Advisor.
This is a small list of situations and items to consider, but should be enough to ensure a fun outdoor adventure with your dog! Have a great summer! 

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